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Pro Work Boot
Pro Work Image Designed to give all-round protection and even support when schooling on the flat, or hacking. The boot are made the same for front and hind legs.

Generally used for Dressage.
Constructed with a tough synthetic leatherette outer, for durability and ease of cleaning, which encases a 6mm layers of high impact resistant foam. The boot is lined with fur to ensure a perfect comfortable fit, without preventing air circulation to keep your horses legs cool.

Fastened with two 50mm Velcro straps.

Navy, Black, Brown, White, Pink with Cream Fur or Black with Black Fur.

Small Pony0
Pony / Cob1
Large Horse3
Large Horse4

Cleaning and washing after use, hose down or wipe exterior and brush lining. Machine wash when these methods prove unsuccessful. Warm wash 30íC spin dry Avoid heavy soil cycles and strong biological powders. Do not tumble dry. Dry in warm atmosphere. Do not place against hot surface e.g radiator or boiler. Important keep Velcro straps clean of fluff and stable debris. When machine washing always fasten all straps.


Front / Hind